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The Nerd Tour is more than a typical Gettysburg tour. It's an experience. The Nerd tour is a state-of-the-art, luxury encounter and technological wonder. With a 99% approval rating from Trip Advisory, we prove it . . . Every Day!

  • Real Nerds giving tours - Super smart, passionate, fun historians

  • Luxury Seating

  • Audio/Visual interactive experience on board

  • The ONLY Virtual Reality battlefield history tour in America!

Our Nerds tour is Gettysburg 101. Understand all three days of the battle, the history of the town (before, during and after the battle), the people, the soldiers and ultimately, why Gettysburg. Follow the nerd glasses icon on the Hi-Def monitors as the satellite views from the sky follows you around locating your spot on the battlefield in relation to where the fighting was. Additionally, locating and showing you where both Army’s were during those deadly days in Gettysburg.

We attack the battlefield chronologically, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, intertwined in all of that we will show where both Army's were at and with two stops on the battlefield, one on the Confederate side at the Virginia Memorial, the spot where on July 3rd 1863 General Robert E. lee will order his Army into a historical and bloody attack. Our second stop will be on the Union line at the most famous little hill in the world, Little Round Top.

With these multiple stops on the battlefield and the Virtual Reality experience, this tour is unmatched. Come and enjoy a comfortable, fun, luxurious, educational experience that you will always remember in Gettysburg. Book your reservation today!

297 Steinwehr Ave Gettysburg, Pa, 17325 where parking is FREE!


Before your purchase, please review these terms and conditions. By purchasing a History Nerds Tour you are accepting and agreeing to these guidelines and stipulations of the tour. History Nerd Tours operates up to four tours a day during seasonal operations and services small tours up to a 31 person group per tour. History Nerds Tours is not a Licensed Battlefield guided tour. The tours are given by educated, knowledgeable guides hired, trained and tested by the Center for Historical Research Studies (CHRS). CHRS does not lay claim to be official licensed guides nor present themselves to be such. If the guest wishes to take a larger group tour before purchase, just ask us and we can help arrange a larger tour vehicle for you with our friendship tour company whom is not affiliated with History Nerds Tours.

Payments that are made on the internet WILL be charged immediately. If reservations are made by phone, a credit card is required to purchase the seats for the reservation and the card will be charged within 24 hours. Cash is accepted at location before tour starts. Cancellation of the tour is allowed up to 48 hours prior to the tour with a full refund. If cancellation is on the same day of the tour, the card WILL still be charged as the seats were reserved for your tour with us holding those seats only for you which does not allow us to sell your seats during the days your seats were reserved. If the tour is not able take place due to weather, vehicle mechanical problems, special events or governmental shut downs, your payment will reimbursed to you and/or the card. Tours are scheduled to leave at the stated designated time. Please arrive early to check in prior to the start of your tour. For the courtesy of our other guests, we will wait up to five minutes after the scheduled tour time for you to make it on the bus if you are late. However, after that time, we will move on with our tour without you and you will NOT be refunded. You may also have the option to reschedule your tour.

The tour offer does offer multiple stops at our selected sites on our tours. The guests of the History Nerds Tour have the option to leave the vehicle during these stops but or not required to leave the vehicle. It is the policy of History Nerd Tours that the driver and the historian stay at the vehicle at all times as we do not interpret the battle away from the vehicle or on National Military Park property. We will leave the vehicle in the case of a medical emergency or assistance is needed for one of our guests or any patron on the park in need of help.

By taking History Nerds Tours, you are taking the tour at your own risk and you are entering and leaving the tour vehicle at your own risk. In case of a fall, injury or illness on battlefield property, town property, Center for Historical Research Studies, History Nerd Tours and/or the tour guide on duty are not liable or responsible. If you need special assistance leaving the tour vehicle, we can make special arrangements for you to go in and out of the tour vehicle beforehand.

Upon the stop at Little Round Top on the Gettysburg National Military Park, the guests may stay in the vehicle if they do not decide to visit the location. The tour guide/driver cannot leave the area of the vehicle on Little Round Top to give tours and/or walk the tour with guests. The guide must stay in the general vicinity of the vehicle unless the guide needs to leave the vehicle to locate the guests on Little Round Top who have stayed longer than the original agreement. If the guests do not return back to the tour vehicle within 20 minutes of the agreed upon timeframe or an acceptable timeframe or the guide is unable to locate the guests during the agreed upon and desired departure timeframe, the guide has the right to leave the location and return to the tour for consideration of the other paid guests who returned back to the tour vehicle at the agreed upon timeframe. CHRS, History Nerd Tours, the Gettysburg Heritage Center and the historians are not responsible for any damage to the National Military Park and guest(s) responsible assume their own risk and responsibility if such was to occur.

Please read Terms and conditions before reserving your tour

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